Disorders of the urinary tract or urogenital system can affect people at all stages of life. But regardless of your age, you can come to Witham and Urology of Indiana for care. Our team is experienced in providing a complete diagnosis and treatment of all disorders and diseases of the genitourinary system in men, women and children.

Additionally, for the convenience of our patients and to ensure comprehensive urologic care, we provide ancillary services, including clinical laboratory services, imaging services, centers of excellence for urinary incontinence and bladder control, and minimally invasive surgery.

Our patients and referring physicians turn to us because they know we provide the very latest in compassionate, comprehensive urologic care, where your initial visit and subsequent care will be a comfortable and satisfying experience.

Surgical care for men and women
Urology of Indiana, which includes a staff of 30-plus urologists, specializes in the surgical and non-surgical treatment of female urological conditions, including all types of urinary incontinence problems and symptoms. We are equipped with the most advanced diagnostic urodynamic equipment, and our staff is specially-trained to instruct patients in diet and behavior modification, pelvic floor physical therapy, biofeedback training and, if clinically appropriate, pharmacological treatment.

When surgery is required, our physicians are experienced in the most recent surgical therapies, including sling procedures, InterStim® Neuromodulation therapy, pelvic floor reconstructive surgery, artificial urinary sphincters and da Vinci® robotic laparoscopy.

We also specialize in all aspects of male urology disorders and diseases, including but not limited to kidney stones, kidney, bladder and prostate cancers, sexually transmitted diseases, male infertility and impotence. Individually and collectively, we offer the most current, state-of-the-art surgical and non-surgical treatments available, including minimally invasive and robotic laparoscopic surgery.
We see patients by appointment and on an urgent or emergency basis. For your added convenience, many procedures can be performed in our offices, including urodynamic bladder studies, kidney and bladder ultrasound, prostate ultrasound and needle biopsy, flexible cystoscopy and no-scalpel vasectomy. More complex procedures are performed at Witham.

Urology of Indiana
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