When you or your loved one is in the hospital, you want to be able to talk to the doctor whenever the need arises. But if your doctor is at the office treating other patients, or you missed them during morning rounds, you may have to wait several hours to talk. That's not the case at Witham. Our internal medicine-trained hospitalists are available around the clock. With the hospital as their "office," they provide physician care to patients while they are in the hospital.

Accessibility to patients
Our hospitalists are in house everyday and are readily available to patients and family members to answer questions and share updated information about a patient's condition. In addition to being on call at the hospital, hospitalists order tests and report results, assist with pre-and post-op care, and help surgeons and subspecialists co-manage the care of patients, such as those with diabetes and heart or lung problems. The resulting benefit to the patient is better continuity of care between multiple caregivers.