With medical training in internal medicine, critical care, pharmacology, cardiology and surgery, Witham's anesthesiology team is committed to ensuring your comfort during surgery. Through the administration of medication, our anesthesiologists are able to relieve pain, reduce anxiety and manage vital life functions, such as breathing, heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure, body temperature, and body fluid balance.

Our work, though, begins well before surgery. Anesthesiologists perform a focused history and physical exam, review medications and any pertinent labs or tests, and assess the need for additional testing prior to surgery. And you can rest assured your anesthesiologist will see you through surgery as well, continuing to supervise your care and ensure your comfort during recovery.

Our Witham anesthesiologists also get to experience the joy of new life as we provide pain relief during labor. Through epidural or spinal blocks, we're able to ease the pain of contractions, while we managing the life functions of both mother and child.

Pain management
Because of their training and vast experience in controlling pain, Witham's anesthesiology team is uniquely qualified to prescribe and administer drug therapies or perform special techniques for the control of acute or chronic pain. In addition to surgical and obstetrical anesthesia care, Witham also offers a pain management program in which anesthesiologists treat acute and chronic pain problems, such as back pain.