Finding it difficult to breathe a breath of fresh air? The experienced staff at the Allergy and Sinus Center can help. Whether you're suffering from persistent sneezing and watery eyes due to seasonal allergies or breathing difficulties due to asthma or chronic sinusitis, our medical professionals can help you improve the quality of your life by determining your allergic triggers and effectively managing your symptoms.

Now, you can receive allergy and sinus treatment close to home-at the time you need it most.

Testing and treatment
Allergy testing provides the physician with the information necessary to identify the line of treatment that is appropriate for you. Treatment may include avoidance, antihistamines, injections, sublingual drops, surgery or a combination of these options. Every treatment plan is unique and tailored to the individual patient.

Allergy treatment is not a cure, however. Treatment is a long-term commitment with a goal to increase the body's immune system response to allergens. The Allergy and Sinus Center team, including a board certified physician in otolaryngology, works collaboratively with you to help you achieve this goal.

Two convenient locations
The Allergy and Sinus Center has two convenient locations to serve you:

2505 N. Lebanon Street
South Pavilion, Suite 220
Lebanon, IN 46052

6085 Heartland Dr.
Suite 200
Zionsville, IN 46077