Heart Disease is Common and Very Treatable!

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"Our $49 Heart CT Score is a quick and painless, noninvasive scan that can detect heart disease at its earliest and most treatable stages, aided by the best technology around: our 256-slice CT scanner. Many times a person knows there have been past heart problems in their family. For many reasons they may have never seen a heart doctor or they have never had the heart talk with their PCP. Starting at about age 45 the risk of having a heart attack starts to climb. For $49 a person can request a test on their own that could uncover the beginnings of heart disease. This could change the way they eat, exercise and may prompt them to talk to their doctor about next steps. Ultimately heart disease is common and now very treatable. We should get checked out rather than wait for something bad to happen.” - Ed Harlamert M.D., Chief Cardiologist of Witham Heart Partners.            

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An Overview of the CT Heart Score

A heart score is one of the most advanced methods available to detect heart disease in its earliest stages. And, there's no better time than now to prevent heart disease because statistics like these continue to remind us of its tragic effects:

  • Every 29 seconds an American suffers a heart attack.
  • Every minute an American dies from a heart attack.
  • Five percent of men and 63% of women who die suddenly of heart disease have no previous symptoms.
  • About 80 percent of the people under 65 who died of heart disease did so during their first heart attack.

Calcification in the coronary arteries is the earliest indicator of heart disease. A heart score uses noninvasive, high-speed computerized tomography (CT) to scan your heart and detect calcium deposits along the walls of the arteries. The test then produces a calcium score that identifies your level of deposits. Taking into account other factors such as age, family history and cholesterol levels, your doctor uses that score to measure your potential for heart disease.

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Granting Peace of Mind Just in Time

The results of your exam represent peace of mind, since early detection is key to prevention. Considering over half the people who died suddenly of heart disease had no symptoms, what you know today can help save your life.

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