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$49 Heart Scores Are Back - Archived
Learn your risk. Just like that.
$49 Heart Scores

If you could instantly find out your risk for heart disease, chances are, you wouldn't hesitate. Heart disease, the leading cause of death for American men and women, is easily preventable - and highly treatable with early detection.

That's why Witham is pleased to offer advanced heart scan technology with our CT heart score. This quick and painless scan is only $49. It takes a matter of minutes, is completely noninvasive and can detect heart disease at its earliest and most treatable stages. Plus, it's the best technology around, a 256-slice CT scanner that produces high quality diagnostic images of your heart.

February is National Heart Month, so dont' delay - find out your risk - just like that! Call today to schedule your heart score at 765-485-8080. It just might save your life!