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Witham Employees Recognized for Years of Service

What a great everning we had at Ulen Country Club as we honored dedicated years of service of valued Witham employees! It was so fun to hear the stories and value that each and every person being honored has brought to our team. THANK YOU so much for all you do to make Witham THE Community's choice for their healthcare. Achieving our Mission/Vision/Values together!

Pictured below are those who were in attendance at the banquet. All employees and their years of service are listed below.

Pictured left to right: Jason Korous,  Doug Ladika, Kim Thompson, Lee Ann Serie, Marda Hale, Penny Beck, Denise Barker, Diann Warren, Nora Day, Andrew Leming, Shelly Miller, Kathy Servies, Tammy Morrison, Libby Cowling, Freya Serna, Patti Ball, Susan Martinez, Beth Jacob, David Keck, Peter Dings, Mary Deater, Courtney Spidel, Kayla Floyd, Stephanie Mullen, Cherish Batts, Heather Roberts, Tammy Benagh, Laura Altum, Jeff Retz, Brandi Blankenship, Travis Stevens, Mike Spidel, and Gary Deater.

5 Years of Service

Laura Altum

Patricia Ball

Janet Barker

Cherish Batts

Brandi Blankenship

Rebecca Brewer

Dianne Campbell (Retiree)

SusAnne Castetter

Ethan Charlton

Mindi Cogdill

Clifton Crider

Deborah Cruse

Kayla Floyd

Marda Hale

Ordette Jones

Erin Killian

Douglas Ladika

Andrew Leming

Brittany Light

Stephanie Moody

Stephanie Mullen

Brad Nangle

Hannah Newman

Courtney Nienaber

Marc Oliver

Jeffery Pennington

Chasity Pryll

Dawn Roberts

Heather Roby

Andres Rodriguez

Dana Root

Jean Ruse

Lee Ann Serie

Travis Stevens

Micaela Strycker

Cindy Wagner

Alyssa Wilborn

Sarah Williams

Sarah Willing

10 Year of Service

Denise Barker

Lisa Batts

Tammy Benagh

Diane Bishop

Roberta Caldwell

Patricia Clinkenbeard

Sondra Cummings

Nora Day

Scott Delph

Wendi Elliott

Daniel Foy

Elizabeth Franklin

Rhonda Fuller

Jennifer Gaines

Laura Gephart

Kelley Gibbs-Budd

Anne Groth

Jerome Harris

Crystal Hill

Karalyn Jacobs

Denise James

David Keck

Jason Korous

Sarah Larew

Susan Martinez

Shelley Miller

Susan Miller

Tammy Morrison

Ben Phelps

Beverly Reagan

Shanna Revell

Freya Serna

Rosa Smith

Courtney Spidel

Deanna Stopperich

Diann Warren

Lori Weber

Shanda Weigand

Vicki Young

14 Years of Service

Stephany Ander (Retiree)

Shirley McIntyre (Retiree)

15 Years of Service

Penny Beck

Dana Burton

Mary Ferguson

Amy Hensley

Denise Letsinger

Jessica Lipp

Amy Lowe

George Pogas

Jathan Rhoads

Christopher Shockley

Christopher Smith

Patricia Sowinski

Norma Stone

16 Years of Service

Jan Coulter (Retiree)

19 Years of Service

Becky Jeffries (Retiree)

20 Years of Service

Angela Caldwell

Raymond Ingham

Heather Roberts

Kathryn Schwuchow

Kim Thompson

25 Years of Service

Peter Dings

26 Years of Service

Jeff Retz (Retiree)

Kathy Servies (Retiree)

27 Years of Service

Mary Deater (Retiree)

30 Years of Service

Libby Cowling

Beth Jacob

Michael Spidel

35 Years of Service

Michael McNutt

38 Years of Service

Gary Deater (Retiree)