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Sunflower Honoree Named - Archived

Congratulations Melanie Faurote Witham's Sunflower Honoree! Melanie is a Pharmacy Technician in the Pavilion Pointe Pharmacy who exemplifies Witham's commitment to excellence and personalized care. Below is just on example of how Melanie provides compassionate care to make a difference in the lives of her patients:

Mel is a huge asset to our inpatients and to Witham. She helps our patients get the best price for the medications prescribed and works diligently until the best possible outcome is reached. She helps run the 'Meds to Bed' program here at Witham. A specific example of her over and beyond approach to helping patients was shined on October 14th and 15th, 2017. A patient came to the hospital very ill. The patient improved after a few days in the hospital. The hospitalist’s recommendations for this patient was to either go home with IV antibiotics or get a costly oral antibiotic. As the hospital was very busy, Mel offered and agreed to help get a preauthorization for this patient through her commercial insurance. After multiple attempts, faxes, and paperwork (which is a not normal part of her daily duties) this patient received a co-pay of just $6.00 out of pocket expense. This patient was able to go home with this medication and not need a picc line, IV antibiotics, frequent blood draws, home healthcare, etc. She also was able to go back to her college, as she was missing her schoolwork because of her illness. If she needed to have the above plan of care, the patient would have had significant obstacles in her school routine. Mel goes above and beyond for our patients, and she is greatly appreciated!

Melanie, thank you for making such a meaningful difference in the lives of your patients. Congratulations on this tremendous honor.

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