A charitable remainder unitrust is for you if...

  • You want to make a major gift to the Witham Health Services Foundation while retaining or increasing your income from the assets you contribute.
  • You hold appreciate assets -- securities, a business, or investment real estate -- and want to avoid the capital gains cost of a sale.
  • You want the income from your gift to be able to grow over time.
  • You desire maximum flexibility in the operation of your gift:
    • You want income paid to your beneficiary for a term of years or a lifetime.
    • You want income to go to more than one beneficiary.
    • You want the option of choosing the trustees of your gift plan.
    • You want to donate an appreciating but temporarily illiquid asset to the Witham Health Services Foundation.
    • You want to use an appreciating but temporarily illiquid asset, such as real estate, to fund the trust.

For more information

Email us at foundation@witham.org or call us at 765-485-8112 so that we can assist  you through every step of the process.

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