At each stage of her life, a woman's health concerns and needs change. You may be a young girl coming into womanhood, or a middle-aged woman wondering if the changes in your body are normal. Maybe you're in the prime of your life and you want to live out this season of life as actively as possible. Regardless of your life stage and health concerns facing you, the Witham Women's Center is here to walk alongside you on your journey.

Women's services
We have services available for the most basic of needs, and many of the specialized ones as well:

  • Full range of obstetric and gynecologic services at Creekside OB/GYN, including yearly pelvic exams, pre- and post-natal care, breast care, menopausal care and more 
  • Women's directed ultrasounds, providing 4D imaging of your unborn child 
  • Full-field, digital mammography, providing higher-resolution images that can be manipulated to provide greater clarity of the image, and most importantly, earlier detection and better outcomes 
  • Breast biopsies (ultrasound guided and traditional wire placement) 
  • Less invasive stereotactic breast biopsies 
  • Skin care 
  • Bone density screenings that measure the strength of bones in women 65 and older, who are at greater risk for fractures and breaks
  • Hormone therapy and menopause care 
  • Mental health
  • Genetic testing for the breast cancer genes (BRCA 1 and BRCA 2) for those who qualify

Comfort and top-quality care
You'll receive these services all in the comfort of our family-like environment. Our friendly staff cares for patients as if they were members of their own family. Yet, you'll find that we're equally committed to providing the most advanced diagnostic and treatment options. Our radiology department houses the most sophisticated imaging equipment available, and our physicians and radiologists are board certified, performing thousands of procedures each year.

At the Witham Women's Center, you'll receive greater attention to your needs-needs that are unique to women. Personalized care, comprehensive services and the latest in diagnostic technology and treatment. That's our promise to you!

The Women's Center is a Breast Center of Excellence and ACR accredited.