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Carolyn Prather
Initially, Carolyn Prather's parents both sought medical care at Witham because it was close by. Being older, neither of them wanted to travel far from home. And with their primary care physician, John Tuttle, M.D., practicing at Witham, they were very comfortable with the decision.

Today, though, Carolyn and her family would choose Witham because of the care and compassion they experienced firsthand.

 "The nurses and aides are very caring," Carolyn shares. "When my dad was at Witham, whatever we asked for or needed was met. They even saw to it that we had meals once my dad moved to hospice care."

She's especially appreciative of the way the staff cared for her father up until his death. "Even when we all knew he was passing, the nurses and aides made sure he was comfortable. They turned him and cleaned him and provided gentle care to the very end."

The care wasn't for her father alone. In her father's final days, her mother spent the night at the hospital to be close to her dying husband. The aides made sure she had a bed and blanket so she could comfortably be near him.

To Carolyn, that's just one example of the personal, one-on-one care her family has come to expect at Witham-and one of the many reasons she'd choose Witham again.

Evelyn Sheets
Evelyn Sheets was scheduled to undergo a total knee replacement at an Indianapolis hospital, but as the date neared she realized that the long drive wasn't conducive to her husband's farming schedule.

Evelyn met with Terrance Devlin, M.D., a Witham orthopedic surgeon to discuss options of having the surgery done locally. "I was so impressed by our initial conversations. Dr. Devlin was so personal and listened to what I said. I began thinking, ‘Why not Witham?' I liked the surgeon, respected the people I knew who worked at Witham, and liked receiving care someplace closer to home."

Right away the day of her surgery, Evelyn knew she'd made the right choice. "They were ready for me when I arrived in registration, at the lab and in pre-op," she says. "Everything moved along nicely and everyone, from nurses and aides to housekeeping, was great."

Evelyn has experienced the same care with Witham's outpatient therapy, as they've helped her to schedule her therapy appointments around her work schedule.

Consequently, Evelyn's choice to go to Witham for care has compelled her to encourage others to do the same. "I've already advised three other people needing a similar surgery to have it done at Witham," she says.

Becky Jeffries
As a Witham employee, there was no question where Becky Jeffries would take her dad when he was sick. "It was only natural that I'd want him treated here. We have great doctors who give good care," she says. "Witham is a good hospital. People are friendly and willing to help in any way they can, from medical care to social services."
The nursing care really stands out to Becky as well: "The nurses checked on my dad regularly-that doesn't always happen in hospitals when it's busy, but it does here."

Her father wasn't the only one to receive TLC. "They regularly asked all of our family if we were okay-did we need a drink or a meal or a blanket? They were always making sure we were comfortable," she shares.

Becky also found it comfortable to see her fellow employees and other familiar faces when she was there with her dad. "People would stop and ask how he was doing or let me know they were thinking of us. It was very comforting," she says.

While her father was in and out of the hospital over the years, Becky says he always received good care. "That means a lot to me to know he was well cared for when he was sick," she says.

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