In addition to giving your time, you can financially support the Volunteer Organization. Donations supply needed items for the hospital, and contributions are tax-deductible. Money donated to the Volunteer Organization provides meaningful assistance to Witham. Recently, volunteer dollars have been used to provide the following:

  • Mammography capes: At the request of the Imaging department, the volunteer organization purchased capes, as well as plush robes for women to use during mammography appointments.
  • Wet umbrella bags and stands: The volunteer organization purchased wet umbrella bags and stands for the main hospital and ER entrances. These bags keep umbrellas from dripping on floors and possibly causing falls.
  •  Comfort Cart- The Comfort Cart is brought to each room with various items for the patients. The cart includes: backscratchers, comb & brush, nail file & clipper, lens cleaner, crossword puzzles & pens, magazines, chap stick & note pads.

Witham's Volunteer Organization hosts two fundraising events each year:

  • Book Fair: Best-sellers sold at a savings of 50-70 percent off the retail price. Open to public.
  • Uniform Sale: Scrub uniforms, shoes and other needed merchandise at a discount rate. Open to public.
  • Used Book Sale twice a year – open to the public
  • Quarterly Seasonal Raffle Basket – anyone can purchase raffle tickets
  • Spring Flower Sale – Hanging Baskets & Patio Flowers
  • All proceeds are used for the Boone County High School Scholarship