Witham Health Service's mission is to improve health through excellence and personalized care.

We recognize that often the best way to communicate and accomplish this mission is through support of worthy charitable organizations and community events. Witham recognizes that

there are countless events, organizations and programs within the community worthy of sponsorship, and we look forward to providing ongoing support to those groups within our guidelines.

Recently, we have established new criteria to determine what organizations we will be considered. Our new sponsorship guidelines will ensure the process is fair and equitable.

Requests for sponsorship or in-kind donation requests must be submitted at least 45 days in advance of event or ad deadline.

To request a sponsorship, please utilize our request form below. Forms may be emailed or faxed to MaryBeth Searles at msearles@witham.org or fax at 765-485-8139. 

Sponsorship Request Form (PDF format)

Sponsorship Guidelines Form (PDF format)