People are the heart and soul of Witham Health Services.

Witham has seen much success in recent years, and it's been the result of much forethought and planning. Our transition into the new hospital has only been followed by more growth. We've added on -- to our facilities, clinical services and specialty providers. Clearly, we're able to serve the community better than ever before.

But our ability to meet the community's needs is not a given. We need to plan for how to sustain and grow our services in the coming years. That's why our leadership team underwent a strategic planning process focused on the next three, five and 10 years.

As part of the process, we sought out input from our many stakeholders in the community, including physicians, employees, patients, the board of directors and community and business partners. We examined the needs in Boone County and the surrounding counties we serve and developed strategic planning goals based on those current and anticipated needs.

Understanding our mission, values and vision
Our mission - the core purpose of our hospital - is to improve health through excellence and personalized care. This mission is lived out daily at Witham through our values, which show we are committed to others through both our service and example.
Our values focus on four key characteristics to show We CARE:
C: Compassion
A: Accountability
R: Respect
E: Excellence

While we stay focused on the present and how we're doing, we have to have an eye to the future, to what we want to become. Witham's vision is to be the community's leading healthcare provider. We "check" our work today and every day against our vision of tomorrow.

Our management team and Board of Directors have helped to set our course and help fulfill our mission to you and everyone we serve.

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