Pictured above: Leo Wines, Eagles Member; Larry Crew, Eagles Member;
Kelli Woodall, Eagles Manager; June Haney, WHS; Mary Ping, WHS;
Valaree Messenger, WHS; Annette Preston, Foundation Manager

Thank you Lebanon Eagles for your donation of $1737 on May 26, 2015 to the Witham Health Services Foundation!  Since 2004 the Fraternal Order of Eagles # 2062 has donated over $12,000 to the Witham Foundation from their Annual Heart Fundraisers held in February each year to be used for rehab services. 


The Witham Health Services Foundation was established in 1983 to support continuous improvements for a technologically driven hospital and has since become the cornerstone of support for Witham Health Services. Driven by the belief that the citizens of our community deserve access to the latest  in technology and care, the Foundation seeks philanthropic contributions. These contributions provide the necessary funding to purchase additional equipment and present the highest quality healthcare programming.  Funding for these projects and programs is made possible through donations, gifts and memorials from members of the community, businesses and other organizations as well as Witham physicians and employees.