Sara Stephenson, D.O.
Creekside OB/GYN

While she completed her medical training in Chicago, there was no question in Sara Stephenson's mind that she wanted to practice at a smaller hospital. In fact, Dr. Stephenson was drawn to Lebanon for many of the same reasons as others. "We wanted to raise our children closer to family and in an area like Lebanon, where there is more of a focus on Midwest values," she shares.

And, as OB/GYN, Witham Health Services offered her the best of both worlds. "Witham is a state-of-the art hospital with a lot of future vision," she says. "There is a fabulous staff of board-certified physicians, and everyone I work with - from our practice staff to the labor and delivery and operating room staffs - is top quality."

Yet, the hospital isn't so large that care becomes impersonal or less attentive. "I didn't want to practice in a huge facility. I intentionally chose a smaller hospital. I think smaller hospitals often provide better nursing care and greater attention to detail on a daily basis because they can," she shares. "In fact, I think patients often get improved care at a smaller facility like ours that has the time to pay attention to your needs, as well as the technology for advanced diagnostic and treatment options."  

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